Samurai Kiyomi by Francorama

My second character design assignment! I had to choose a feature film or a TV series that is really more graphic and inspired by the UPA (United Production of America) or as other people say, in a  ”Cut out” style. Incredible artists such as Genndy Tartakovsky, Lauren Faust, Craig McCracken and Kevin Dart are known today for there animations in that kind of style. So I’ve chosen Samurai Jack one of the craziest TV show I’ve watched when I was a child. It was so incredibly good and it still is! I wish to work in a series that epic one day! 

So here is the final design. While searching for ideas of character, I thought what if Samurai Jack was a girl with a rebel personality just  like  Mulan or Merida? 

All images belong to Francorama . Link is above.

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